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Tap4Ticket is an innovative and modern system dedicated to Passengers and the public transport sector – urban, suburban and railway. Tap4Ticket is an up-to-date Passenger Information on the Passenger’s phone at every stop and in every vehicle. It’s a quick purchase of the right ticket, tailored to the Passenger’s needs and cost reduction for the transport operator.


Tap4Ticket system offers:


• Universal and fully contextual access to Dynamic (GPS) and scheduled Passenger Information on vehicle arrival times at a specific stop. At each stop, stop post, platform and information point. Access to information is not conditional on the need to install a mobile application.

• Possibility to purchase travel tickets by phone, based on a personalized and tailored offer (time, place, line, zone, etc.). This feature requires a mobile application and appropriate arrangements with the transport operator.


• Rapid and cost-effective dissemination and supplementation of the Dynamic Passenger Information infrastructure and, optionally, ticket sales devices, in the entire stop network and in all vehicles.

• Possibility to integrate functionalities with city and transport applications.

• Special features added to better serve disabled people.

• Possibility of introducing and servicing modern CheckIn-CheckOut ticket tariffs and their optimization.

• Ticket sales and interconnection settlements, including solving the problem of a common/metropolitan ticket to many carriers.

• Many other innovative features.


Tap4Ticket system is build from following, main components:


Small devices installed in each vehicle (bus, tram, car), preferably at each door, properly prepared by us. These are cheap, relatively simple, damage-resistant devices that look like stickers. They do not require power supply, SIM cards or connections to the vehicle infrastructure, so they are very easy to install. These devices can be installed in many places in the vehicle or at the bus stop.

IT platform

An on-line platform that is also used to manage the Tap4Ticket system and settle its participants. The
platform can generate tickets on behalf of the carrier, relieving him of this activity, can download tickets online from the carrier’s system (e.g. via API issued by the carrier) or issue tickets previously received from the carrier off-line.

Libraries for mobile applications

The SDK libraries we provide enable communication with NFC modules in vehicles and with the
Tap4Ticket platform.

Optional - a mobile application

We can also provide an entire mobile application, optionally with city, local government or carrier



On September 17, 2020, we concluded an agreement with Warsaw Trams to equip all tram stops in Warsaw with NFC modules that enable passengers to access dynamic passenger information via their phones. Each owner of a smartphone with NFC functionality will be able to read (“tap”) the NFC module and check the actual, not scheduled, arrival times of the nearest trams at a given stop. If necessary, additional information regarding changes in public transport organization in Warsaw will also be displayed. Alternatively, the same information can be obtained by scanning the QR code on
the module.



We kindly inform you that the Tap4 platform has been successfully integrated with the TPay platform to support mobile payments. Thanks to this, when buying public transport tickets in the Tap4Ticket service, you can pay with the BLIK one-click system.


On January 15, 2020, at the invitation of the Poznań City Hall, we had the pleasure to participate in a meeting with representatives of all municipalities around Poznań devoted to the possibilities of
implementing Smart City services in these municipalities, including the Tap4Ticket service. In order to meet the needs of municipalities, we have significantly expanded the functional scope of the Tap4Ticket service, including o elements such as positioning of local carriers’ vehicles, generating travel forecasts, displaying local communal messages, outsourcing the sale of communication tickets in the mobile channel. We invite all communes in Poland to contact and cooperate. Smart City infrastructure does not have to be expensive!


We are pleased to announce that the
Association of Cities on the Internet has awarded our Tap4Ticket system with the “Discovery of the Year 2019” award.
From 26 to 27 June, the 23rd Cities on the Internet Conference was held in Warsaw, during which we had the pleasure to present our solutions in the Smart City sector. The detailed conference plan can be found here:
We invite everyone interested in watching our entire presentation to contact us.


On March 11, 2019, in cooperation with ZTM Poznań, we launched a solution enabling access to passenger information via mobile phones in Poznań. Tap4Ticket system modules located at selected public transport stops allow, after “tapping” on them with a smartphone, access to dynamic passenger information showing constantly updated times of departure of vehicles from a given stop.
More details at

About us

Our company provides solutions in the field of Smart City and Smart Mobility, including for public transport. We use modern technologies based on NFC communication, beacons and QR codes on the side of the access infrastructure and integrating solutions of the Hub type on the side of the central system. The Tap4Ticket system uses our functionally rich T4 platform. The modular, open architecture of T4 enables easy implementation of any business models in many segments of industry and economy. We invite cities, transport operators and organizers, retail networks, logistics and transport companies, importers of consumer goods, manufacturers of home appliances and others to contact us.


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